WaterFall Method

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The waterfall model is a sequential design process, often used in software development processes, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing and Maintenance.

The waterfall development model originates in the manufacturing and construction industries: highly structured physical environments in which after-the-fact changes are prohibitively costly, if not impossible. Since no formal software development methodologies existed at the time, this hardware-oriented model was simply adapted for software development.

Many argue the waterfall model is a bad idea in practice—believing it impossible for any non-trivial project to finish a phase of a software product’s lifecycle perfectly before moving to the next phases and learning from them. For example, clients may not know exactly what requirements they need before reviewing a working prototype and commenting on it. They may change their requirements constantly. Designers and programmers may have little control over this. If clients change their requirements after the design is finalized, the design must be modified to accommodate the new requirements. This effectively means invalidating a good deal of working hours, which means increased cost, especially if a large amount of the project’s resources has already been invested in big design up front.



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CUI stands for character user interface

GUI stands for graphical user interface

The GUI is the user interface in which user interact through the application by making use of graphics. whereas in CUI the user has to interact with the application by making use of the codes.

So for simpluar terms CUI is like using the keyboard to navigate around the computer so button shortcuts, etc. GUI is like using the mouse.


  • Look nicer
  • Easier to use
  • Effective
  • Easier to learn


  • More time wasting
  • More Money
  • Doesn’t do what u want to do


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Unfortunately we only had a few lessons on learning about the software but I knew a little bit of Maya so kinda knew how the software worked. To be completely honest with you and most people would say Maya is better but for someone like me that likes things simple but effective this does the job very well. I have learnt a far amount of things and hats off to the teaching all these things and making it interesting in the short time we had.

One of the lessons I liked was rigid bodies, in this session I learnt how to create domino following an invisible guide line and animating them to all fall down one after another like domino’s do. First you have to get the reactor toolbar this allows you to access all the shortcuts instead of making hard for yourself. I created the first domino and then join the first domino with the guide line to duplicate the rest of them. to make the domino fall u have to active the react Havok 1 World to set the settings so the environment have gravity. You animate the first domino to fall and as long all the rigid bodies are selected not including the guideline by clicking the rigid bodied collection by playing with the settings you should be able to get the domino’s to falls how they are supposed to. This does also depend on the size and width of your domino you first created.

For my final piece I wanted to do coco pops falling into a bowl with the right sound effects and i wanted to place it on a website like an advert I want to do this in After Effects. I created the coco pops with 2 sprays guns and changed the settings to make the objects being sprayed out look rigid and look like coco pops. I then created a sphere and cut it in half using the bottom part of the cut sphere and made it in to a shell and then changed the shell settings to have a thinker outside rim to look like a bowl I then added gravity so the coco pops fell in to the bowl just as it would. I then create a hollow box to find the spray guns and to look like a cereal box. I to make the animation look more realistic I found textured pictures on Google images to add to the objects I have created so Yellow card because the coco pops box is yellow and to bowl ceramics like most bowls we use.

I realise this video is very fast and but I will slow this down using a time rap in final cut pro.

I will use my website I have on WordPress at the moment to template my advert.

Im very proud with the finished project and i feel works very well with my wesite template the only thing i have a problem with is the angle of the cerealing being poured but over all for a 10 sec 3d animation cereal advert with sound that i found and safely downloaded from soundsnap.com is not bad at all and i have enjoyed doing this project and i have felt i have developed my skills further.

Important Documents for Jobs

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There is two main documents that is asked of you when applying for a job

Cover Letter (this is meant to catch they eye and make them want to read)

Is a brief description about yourself and your passion towards having this job, where you found the job advertised if found in newspaper or online, So you have researched into the job like journey how long and additional information about the company to show them your very interested.

CV (this is to show all your skills, grades and past experiences/Jobs)

This a more detailed document on yourself showing your skills, grades, jobs, personality and personal details like number, email address never place references or National insurance number on there. This is NOT an essay and I should only be 2 PAGES long. Should have a nice layout most people use bullet points to detail the roles they had a work and typography can be what ever style you like but readable and simple. If your part of the arts industry then the best thing to have on you cv is a design and balanced layout to show the reader you are creative and want them to look more at you design if you can make and word document look good. so you can make yourself your own logo the display you name nicely which will make you name stick in the readers head over the others.


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Visual High

Left to Right: Most of us read from left to right, so reading a website or an article that changed that rule, would make us lose interest in it. The layout would not agree with the reader, as they have been taught from a very young age how they are meant to read.

Space: The right amout of spacing on any interface is very important, as not only does it look nice as a design and make reading easier and more comfortable, it also allows you to group and seperate text and images from other articles on the same page. Spacing also includes alignment, positioning and grouping which are also all very important to most interfaces.

Typography: This has to be clear, short, bold and quick and simple to read. For example, on a magazine cover the typography has to be big and bright to stand out and immediately draw the eye to read the headlines at a glance. If they are not clear or readable none would bother and they would walk straight past.

Background: A lot of interfaces have plain backgrounds because once you have a fancy typography and the right spaceing of text and images you don’t want the background to contrast or comflict, which would make the text unreadable.

  • The main point of design for interface is to quickly lead the eye to the focal points
  • Things grouped together and simiular should act in a simular manner by making it familier
  • Use of the same basic layout and colours make it easier to read without the mind having to switch

Whether we would like to believe it or not, certain colours and the way that things are done, is how we all like it. We are creatures of habit and we get comfortable with the way things are. Its easy. We notice very quickly when something changes and we automatically don’t like. It may actually be better and we may grow to prefer it if we persevere with it or are forced to use it. However, our initial instinct is to dislike it. Like web links that are blue until you click on them and on google where they rememeber what links you have clicked on in the past and they colour them purple. If that changed we would not think its right. Also with a bank machine (atm) we all tend to stick to the one bank we are used to. If we are used to using that companie’s machine, if we used another machine to get money out, the setup of the system would be different and this confuses us. Most people are suspicious of change.

Shadow Casting Photography

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First time I have stepped into a dark room. I was not developing photos. I now know how to do that but i was there to cast shadows on to the photo paper. This simple amazing photo was created by placing objects on plain photo paper and shine a big light that fills the whole photo-paper page for a few seconds and then place through the necessary chemicals to create the photo or if you lucky enough have a machine that will do it for you. The photo will be black and white, the white sections will be the shadow I have created. This can only happen when light is exposed to photo paper it will look black photo once developed. So by placing these objects on the paper im causing some light to not get to the paper. You could choose the light density and how long the paper is exposed for. I experimented and managed to get a double contrast by quickly exposing the paper moving the object/s and expose again. It worked very well.

I had the brilliant change to experiment with loads of things like photo paper under a clear watered dish with objects in the water and ripples. They did not turn out as fantastic as I had hoped but I got so brilliant pictures out of it.


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From the Lessons we have had on actionscript we had a opportunity to create whatever we liked on flash using the actionscript. One of the lessons we made a form and I liked the interaction you got to have using this form.


var usernames:Array = [“lucy”, “toria”, “alex”];

mySubmitButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);

function clickHandler(e:MouseEvent):void
var found:Boolean = false;

var username:String = myText.text;
username = username.toLowerCase();
for(var i:int = 0; i < usernames.length; i++)
if(usernames[i] == username)
found = true;
trace(” Hello ” + usernames[i] );

if(found == false)
trace(“Access Denied”);


I had a few ideas of making a slide show screen saver but I wanted to challenge myself as I was struggling to get to grips with actionscript but heart was into making the quiz. I came up with the Pixar idea after I watched the short Pixar movies that have been made with the ‘BIG’ Pixar films.

I started to write every question down I wanted to use, I was thinking of using multiple choice but then I would like a difficulty level to this quiz as the questions are easy anyway. When I drew the designs to the quiz I first drew a plain and simple design using the Pixar logo and the colours with a question box which would be a label in Flash, answer box which would be a text box and a submission button. If you got the answer correct of wrong I was hoping to create a movie to pop up  like a tick looking like its being drawn to say well done and a cross in the same style to mean incorrect.

From this design I realised is it wasn’t child friendly, my orignal design was simple and minimalistic so I thought I’ll add this pictures of the films I was asking questions about. This has made it pleasing to the eye and friendly for adults and children. I created the background in Photoshop then imported it into flash. I kindly got given O’Rileys actionscript 3.0 to help me along.

I really struggled to with the coding and I first didn’t know where to start so I used bits of code from past lessons to help. I was using parts of this and that and it was not working together and I was not confident enough to look through it and say this was wrong and there was so many things I was missing to the scripting to show on the quiz.

I got loads of help for my teacher and we was communicating through email as it was Christmas Holiday but we got there and I worked through the code and added more questions and answers. Also we used Add child for when your answer is correct or wrong for the little movie I wanted to add. I changed the idea of have a tick to a smiley face or angry. I had to play around with numbers of where the image would be on the page. It was a trail and error 10 minutes.

I added two Labels (question and well done), button (submit answer), Text box (answer). I felt my time with this project run out but that is my fault for bad time management and planning. I am happy with the final outcome and all works really well. One thing I would like to change is the amount of questions to a lot more and for the questions to get hard further along the quiz. I am not planning to use actionscript in my future but is always a very good skill to have and I may need to create websites using actionscript. So I am planning to improve and progress on my knowledge and skill of actionscript so I can be more confident and do not have to turn to the book or internet incase its a very complicated scripting.