Shadow Casting Photography

First time I have stepped into a dark room. I was not developing photos. I now know how to do that but i was there to cast shadows on to the photo paper. This simple amazing photo was created by placing objects on plain photo paper and shine a big light that fills the whole photo-paper page for a few seconds and then place through the necessary chemicals to create the photo or if you lucky enough have a machine that will do it for you. The photo will be black and white, the white sections will be the shadow I have created. This can only happen when light is exposed to photo paper it will look black photo once developed. So by placing these objects on the paper im causing some light to not get to the paper. You could choose the light density and how long the paper is exposed for. I experimented and managed to get a double contrast by quickly exposing the paper moving the object/s and expose again. It worked very well.

I had the brilliant change to experiment with loads of things like photo paper under a clear watered dish with objects in the water and ripples. They did not turn out as fantastic as I had hoped but I got so brilliant pictures out of it.


~ by tltrinity on March 3, 2011.

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