Visual High

Left to Right: Most of us read from left to right, so reading a website or an article that changed that rule, would make us lose interest in it. The layout would not agree with the reader, as they have been taught from a very young age how they are meant to read.

Space: The right amout of spacing on any interface is very important, as not only does it look nice as a design and make reading easier and more comfortable, it also allows you to group and seperate text and images from other articles on the same page. Spacing also includes alignment, positioning and grouping which are also all very important to most interfaces.

Typography: This has to be clear, short, bold and quick and simple to read. For example, on a magazine cover the typography has to be big and bright to stand out and immediately draw the eye to read the headlines at a glance. If they are not clear or readable none would bother and they would walk straight past.

Background: A lot of interfaces have plain backgrounds because once you have a fancy typography and the right spaceing of text and images you don’t want the background to contrast or comflict, which would make the text unreadable.

  • The main point of design for interface is to quickly lead the eye to the focal points
  • Things grouped together and simiular should act in a simular manner by making it familier
  • Use of the same basic layout and colours make it easier to read without the mind having to switch

Whether we would like to believe it or not, certain colours and the way that things are done, is how we all like it. We are creatures of habit and we get comfortable with the way things are. Its easy. We notice very quickly when something changes and we automatically don’t like. It may actually be better and we may grow to prefer it if we persevere with it or are forced to use it. However, our initial instinct is to dislike it. Like web links that are blue until you click on them and on google where they rememeber what links you have clicked on in the past and they colour them purple. If that changed we would not think its right. Also with a bank machine (atm) we all tend to stick to the one bank we are used to. If we are used to using that companie’s machine, if we used another machine to get money out, the setup of the system would be different and this confuses us. Most people are suspicious of change.


~ by tltrinity on March 15, 2011.

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