Unfortunately we only had a few lessons on learning about the software but I knew a little bit of Maya so kinda knew how the software worked. To be completely honest with you and most people would say Maya is better but for someone like me that likes things simple but effective this does the job very well. I have learnt a far amount of things and hats off to the teaching all these things and making it interesting in the short time we had.

One of the lessons I liked was rigid bodies, in this session I learnt how to create domino following an invisible guide line and animating them to all fall down one after another like domino’s do. First you have to get the reactor toolbar this allows you to access all the shortcuts instead of making hard for yourself. I created the first domino and then join the first domino with the guide line to duplicate the rest of them. to make the domino fall u have to active the react Havok 1 World to set the settings so the environment have gravity. You animate the first domino to fall and as long all the rigid bodies are selected not including the guideline by clicking the rigid bodied collection by playing with the settings you should be able to get the domino’s to falls how they are supposed to. This does also depend on the size and width of your domino you first created.

For my final piece I wanted to do coco pops falling into a bowl with the right sound effects and i wanted to place it on a website like an advert I want to do this in After Effects. I created the coco pops with 2 sprays guns and changed the settings to make the objects being sprayed out look rigid and look like coco pops. I then created a sphere and cut it in half using the bottom part of the cut sphere and made it in to a shell and then changed the shell settings to have a thinker outside rim to look like a bowl I then added gravity so the coco pops fell in to the bowl just as it would. I then create a hollow box to find the spray guns and to look like a cereal box. I to make the animation look more realistic I found textured pictures on Google images to add to the objects I have created so Yellow card because the coco pops box is yellow and to bowl ceramics like most bowls we use.

I realise this video is very fast and but I will slow this down using a time rap in final cut pro.

I will use my website I have on WordPress at the moment to template my advert.

Im very proud with the finished project and i feel works very well with my wesite template the only thing i have a problem with is the angle of the cerealing being poured but over all for a 10 sec 3d animation cereal advert with sound that i found and safely downloaded from is not bad at all and i have enjoyed doing this project and i have felt i have developed my skills further.


~ by tltrinity on March 16, 2011.

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