Important Documents for Jobs

There is two main documents that is asked of you when applying for a job

Cover Letter (this is meant to catch they eye and make them want to read)

Is a brief description about yourself and your passion towards having this job, where you found the job advertised if found in newspaper or online, So you have researched into the job like journey how long and additional information about the company to show them your very interested.

CV (this is to show all your skills, grades and past experiences/Jobs)

This a more detailed document on yourself showing your skills, grades, jobs, personality and personal details like number, email address never place references or National insurance number on there. This is NOT an essay and I should only be 2 PAGES long. Should have a nice layout most people use bullet points to detail the roles they had a work and typography can be what ever style you like but readable and simple. If your part of the arts industry then the best thing to have on you cv is a design and balanced layout to show the reader you are creative and want them to look more at you design if you can make and word document look good. so you can make yourself your own logo the display you name nicely which will make you name stick in the readers head over the others.


~ by tltrinity on March 16, 2011.

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