Further Development/ Evaluation

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I started on storyboard a character similar to Morph. This character was shown with Kids television presenter Tony Hart. This little character of mine was going to pull play dough off his body to create something to entertain himself with so he didn’t feel lonely.

I didn’t like the idea and looked to do more research to get inspired.

I came across this video called Muto done by somebody called Blu and i love the idea and the style and very much reminds my of the dark humour of Banksy. Something like this would of taken ages so much time and each frame he does parts have to be repainted able to move onto the next frame.

He has a website with more of this work and a blog of what he is doing.


Banksy is the pseudonym of a British graffiti artist, political activist and painter, whose identity is unconfirmed. His street art and subversive epigrams combine irreverent dark humour with graffiti done in a distinctive stencilled technique. Such artistic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.

It really got me thinking how could i do a stop motion like Muto with out trying to get permission and not as messy also even how much i would like to do something as big as that i do not have that much time. So got me thinking what is easy to draw on and clear to start drawing the next frame. I thought of paper and have the camera over my shoulder like its watching me draw.

I then had an idea of showing life out of my window by drawing on the window so i first drew a bird shaking on a tree branch looking out the window in my room, then flying away. I late on tried to draw a fox and it did not work at all. i tryed and owl, squirrel and all did not work at all.

so i went through a few ideas  still sticking to drawing on the window.

So i thought i take a break form this and have a think of it whilst i was sorting out my room as i have only just moved and i came across some old work which was a speech/ poem close to my heart. so i decide to do a stop motion to that still drawing on the window but the images will not tell the story will make you understand the story more so u have the best of both worlds which is speech and images in stop motion.


CD Cover/ Evaluation

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One of the projects i was looking forward to was making a CD cover for a song. The artist of the song it Tom Rush and the song was called ‘If i had a boat.’

I feel to create a cover for a song its best to research slightly in to the artist, listen to the song or know the genre. Here is a few examples.

Both of these ablums shows the the unique crazy style of the artists. Mika’s song are all about happiness, joy and experience.

In his song you can tell that music is his life as it a source of expression and its the best way to interact with fans making remembable tunes

So on the ablum you can see there is a lot going on and that expresses to me that he/his songs have so much character. the only colours used is bright cheerful colours to match him and his songs.

If you look closely you can see there is objects thats are an importance of his songs like the curvy woman in the bottom right. “Big girls are beautiful”

Tom Rush

Rush was born in Portsmouth. Tom began performing in 1961 while studying at Harvard University after graduating from the Groton School. He majored in English literature. Many of his early recordings are versions of Lowlands Scots and folk songs. He regularly performed at the club 47 coffeehouse (now called Club Passim) in Cambridge.

This isn’t the song i have to do the cover for but its to give you an idea who and what Tom Rush is like, as i was not able to place the really song on my blog. I also emailed Tom Rush to see how he felt about the song and what was his views was then he emailed me back say he did not compose the song he was only covering it the original artist is Lyle Lovett. Over the holidays i was watching Interpreter the song was playing most of the way through the song which was very strange and i think i noticed the song more because i had been enlightened to it, thats why i recognised it.

From the song i got the feeling it was about dreaming and wishes so i wanted a soft dreamy feel but western style to match the artist.

Here is some of my sketches and first ideas i would like to develop

Then i came up with the idea of looking into the mirror like wishing for what ever they desire sometimes its windows looking out on the nothing but day dreaming. Then i thought i could faintly placeing a boat in the mirror to look like the daydream.

This design does not look as good as i would liked it of to the writing that was done on the mirror then taken a picture of with a black background to show up more in the photo. did not show up once i place the baot in the background. so in photo i thought i would erase the written area to show up more but then the whole picture did not work and looked like a child playing in photoshop not my best work i have done so i went back to the begin and went from there. I still wanted to keep my idea of it being a dream so i need to have a flowing design but it be a balanced size with the typograthy.









Here is some of my begining designs





















I had loads of trouble getting the right size for the inlet of the cover so i had to keep printing out and worked out the sizes with the cover placed into the actual case. I had a few troubles but i got there in the end. I had a friend in class say there was templates on the internet to download but i was not able to so.

In this picture there is all the print outs and concepts i did to get to my final idea and size. I didn’t hit to many problem in this project apart from size and printing the cd covers out as the print at home was not installed to my laptop.







I feel i have used the perfect typography type which is from Free 1001 fonts called west test. I first of all placed the writing in the middle but it did not look right at all. so i played around with the text and resized and moved it around till i felt it look good and looked balanced on the picture. I designed and created this CD cover in Photoshop.


















I have felt i have really enjoyed doing this project and would really like to do it again in my very near future. I am very proud and pleased with the finished design.

Final Animation

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Director, Producer, Time Manager, Editor, Sound and Designer.

Toria Trinity.



Jennifer Trinity


I am going to be taking about my animation/film, which is called ‘Can’t Climb’. I have done a lot of research and concepts, which are all on my blog.

Since I started this term I have had been giving the chance to do this Animation/ Film. I catch the train as my transport to University and I read the metro like 1000’s of other Londoner’s which gave me the idea of comic stripes in to a film like many other, Snoopy, Garfield and so on. So I created my own story based on my own life experience at University. It’s my second year at a new University and I thought all my class mates was on a high platform than me and I had to climb up to get to them but I couldn’t and had to work hard and pull my socks to get there but did in the end. I gave myself a timeline in which to create the animation in CS4 flash. I was shown how to use the new bone tool in flash and it would have been very useful but I created my character in Illustrator then imported it into flash as a bitmap, which meant I couldn’t use this tool because my character didn’t have a shoulder and elbow joint. I had to import every part of the body at every angle and each object had to have its own layer on the timeline. I created the tree and the backgrounds also in Illustrator. Everything else I made in Flash. The animation took quiet a while to do move every section to how and where I would like, even so it run over the time I set. I did not realise how much time it was going to take. I knew it was going to be a challenge and I could have done a short Drama/ Film but I wanted to push myself.

I wanted to add real movie to the final product as well, of someone reading the newspaper to make it clear that it’s a comic stripe. I have to make a short divert from the storyboard to add a few typography sound effects to give you the feel of an actual comic. Once the filming and the animation were complete, I place the two together in CS4 After Effects and pieced the two together. I had a few problems with rendering, as I wasn’t sure what to do or what the movie settings was best to use. I also had a problem with the raw footage I had been jumping once rendered I sorted that by re importing the raw video footage then replace it in After effects.

I have an idea for a chapter two to continue the story on and it be making a ladder for him to climb and a tree house to make friends but finds out that isn’t the way of making the best of friends. It would be great to have an on going series of the possums. Similar to some online shows that are like mini soap operas.

I’m highly happy with the finished product the only thing I would change is in the raw footage with my sister in I would have liked to have her on a tram or train to have the full effect also that is has my idea sprung up and inspired me to create this lovely like character and story.

If i had the chance i would change the song choice on the movie but apart from that i pretty happy with the final piece.

Final Application

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Haven’t had to many problems with this project. It took a while filming the stop motion and placing it together manually cos i don’t have a mac i was not able to use a software called frame by frame to help make things a lot easier. Instead i took snap shot on my video camera and the load every one of the 60/80 pictures i took into After effects to make a movie. Also i have to keep changing each layer in Aftereffect to make it perfect timing.

My partner was making the menu layout so i just placed a white piece of paper behind to be able to clear the background in photoshop so i can place the piece of work my partner had done. That took a while cos i had to do ever second and frame by frame. I then added a faded effect to give it a bit of a worn down, weather look to match our book cover and all our other ideas.

I am fairly happy with the overall look of the video. the only thing i would change is may try and burn the pages or find out a way i could but i did not have enough time to experiement.

Here is the finished piece.

Final Book Cover

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We found a lovely thick  textured, feels almost plastic paper that worked really nicely with our cover. We found a few problems with printing because the printers we wanted to use would not take the type of paper we had but it we had a bit of help and the problem got sorted using one of the big printing machines.

we printed out a rubbish black and with rough copy to work out the right size with folding flap to wrap around the book we are both very happy with the size and the design. We have kept all the concepts and every print out we have done to keep as concepts.

Here is the finished design


Further Development

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I decided to follow the idea of each layer burning down to the title and menu layer. Instead of burning because that will cause a how load of trouble of trying to do the stop motion technique. So instead I decided to tear the paper. I did this by take picture of each step until you got to the title page. In past post I have looked into the history and artist of stop motion if you would like to read into more detail. Here is a rubbish rough example of what I am going to do.

I going to do this exact thing better and with a better camera I might use the software frame by frame as it would be a lot easier and would work a lot better. Also as you can see some of the pictures moved this won’t happen in frame by frame as I can see the last shot taken to the previous shot so if anything have moved you can easily line it up. I researched into the application menus for phones using my smart phone and most menus is 2d and is just buttons to press to go to here.












So I have come from my 3D rotating world idea to a 2D nice layed out menu page with the world of the worlds title. My Partner will be doing that side of the project whislt im making the movie. The we should place to all together in After Effects and we are aiming to get it done by this week.

New Briefing

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We had a conversation about the future of publishing and  how some people feel that some people still like holding a book in there hand. For me the future is digital. I do like hold a book but carrying them is a pain. So something small but big enough to read the screen because some smart phones screens are way to small to read from and that is light to carry. So for me it has to be digital. Which means I am going to design an application/Introduction to War of the Worlds book. So I have decided to stick to the book cover and develop from there using the world. I did think of the world and using the countries as chapters and u can rotate the world with your finger. Or a 2D image of the world and when you hover over the country will come up with chapters/categories. I had a think into using categories but i would like to stick to chapters.

Here is the beginning ideas of the menu application.

I have recently been sketching out a storyboard of the introduction then the menu. Which includes  the countries of the world dissolving slowing to nothing then you have the title with the rotating world with the chapters. This idea came from the typography from the book cover looks like its dissolving of disappearing occurring because of the Aliens.

I also thought of the effect when paper burns and if each layer had the world drawn on it getting down to the title and a random lay out of chapter title.